Marlee is a New Jersey native, now residing in Millburn.
She grew up with animals of all kinds from two cats, a dog, little lizards, many goldfish and sweet guinea pigs; she has always been an avid animal lover.
Not a day goes by where she doesn’t miss her sweet Papillion named Montee who passed last year, and taught her valuable lessons in care, companionship and unconditional love.
As a child, Marlee thought she might become a Veterinarian, but once she caught the “theater bug”, Marlee pursued telling stories on and off stage as she went on to receive a BFA in Theater from Adelphi University.
Marlee is a theater maker whose experience and passion lies in the art of Assistant Directing and Directing Theater. Along the way, she has become close to directors and theater colleagues who have acted on her animal loving nature by asking her to cat sit, apartment sit or even leave a theater rehearsal to go to their apartment to walk their dog for them.
She has always been the friend or co-worker called to take care of four legged little humans.
Marlee does not have any pets of her own at the moment, making her all the more happy to be apart of SHDW team to not only utilize her skills, but spread her love and care to animals.