Our All Time Favorites

No matter at which point in time you are in your cat and dog parenting life, there are amazing tools, products and services that can save you countless trials and errors, make your furry child happy and behave better and make your life easier.

Our commitment is that we have tried every product to the fullest extend and will only give a mention to the very very Best, so you are left  with nothing but great recommendations.

A few of these links are affiliate links, which means I may get a commission if you purchase. However, none of the fees of these resources have been increased to compensate me. In fact, many of the creators of these tools and products have given me special discounts that I get to extend to you! You’ll see all the special deals below.



Town laws for South Orange and Maplewood require dogs to be on a 6ft leash.
We have used this kind of leash throughout the years and our very first leash is still with us! They are durable and affordable.
We generally use the Medium or 3/4 inch size.


When walking multiple dogs at once trying not to become entangled can become a real challenge. 
This leash coupler is of immense help, since it has a swivel hook, so the leashes don’t just keep getting twisted around each other. 
Each leash is adjustable – we have kept the dogs pulling everybody else around on a shorter leash, so even the most laid back dog can enjoy his walk.
And they are reflective – great for a night walk!


Whether you have a dog who pulls or is a relaxed walker this Freedom Harness has been a life saver for us walkers and dog alike. 
A leash can be attached from the front and/or the top, which gives us ultimate control over the dog and the dog stays safe even when he pulls.


Poop is literally all we talk about as you might know from our journals, so making sure to pick poop bags that are planet friendly, tear-resistant and cost conscious is of the utmost importance for us. 
The recommended bags on Chewy and Amazon are both “enhanced” with EPI technology – meaning in theory they should degrade faster – which saves our planet a bit more.
We prefer the ones from Amazon because they are coreless and come with only one poop bag holder = less plastic waste.


During the winter months when the snow hits the roads and the salt is quickly to follow some of our pups are the ones having to walk on big salt rocks, melted salt which burns within tiny cuts and cold snow. 
It takes a little bit for these dog boots to get used to, but they are definitely worth it. All of them are reusable, light on their feet and easy to put on if the right size is chosen.


The Omega Paw Treat Ball is one of our favorites for keeping you pooch busy while you are away. It’s sturdy, moves around quietly and its big capacity makes for a good reservoir for treats. The difficulty of getting the treats out is medium.



We seriously believe we have tried out every single litter there is and the “World’s Best Cat Litter” stays completely true to it’s name. 
Not is it only 100% natural (corn), which we love for our and your love nuggets, but it’s also super easy to scoop, flushable and doesn’t care any scent with it (it doesn’t need to!) and therefore is super healthy for your cats and you!
And it’s also planet friendly, which we are all about 😉
…. by the way we prefer the red kind, which the buttons link to.


When you find your cat scratching on your furniture, chances are that she doesn’t have other opportunities to naturally trim her claws. 
This pad is durable, can be hung on a door knob, nail or just laid on the floor around a chair leg and a cat will go crazy on it.


Cats love love love and need to scratch, like to be on higher ground and of course play and hide. This tree does it all for an amazing price!
We have used this one ourselves and love it for it’s durability, cost, look and most importantly … our fur babies LOVE it!
…. it’s exclusively available on Chewy.


Nothing fancy needed here – these inexpensive nail trimmers to the job perfectly and are much better than the bulkier versions.



Now we like this lock box the Best, simply because it’s super sturdy, weather proof and it can but it does not have to be permanently mounted to a wall. 
This is a great option if you have us come on an occasional basis and don’t want us to hold your keys during for example cat sitting visits – it can easily be attached to a fence or door handle. 
What’s great is, that it can hold more than just keys – FOBs, Credit Cards and other small items.


This Lock Box is a good solution if you want to keep your keys stowed away for frequent visitors. It can be permanently screwed to the wall or hang around a door knob (with the attachment option). 
If you have a covered area this will serve you a long time, but we are not 100% convinced of it’s durability if it’s exposed to the weather.

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