I have always had such a deep love for animals and they have always been in my life, especially dogs. When I wasn’t playing with my dog, I was busy playing with someone else’s.
My first dog was Tara, a german shepherd. She was beautiful and sweet but also very protective. She came into my life when I was four and we instantly bonded. After Tara sadly passed, we adopted a super sweet lab, named Taylor. He filled the void Tara has left in me. After a good life, he passed a few months back. I miss them both every day.
Dogs become a part of the family; they are more than just pets.
Since May i’m proud to be a mom of Dempsey, who is shown in the picture with me.
He came from a shelter in Arkansas that didn’t have enough resources to provide for him. We are not sure of his story before that, but we think he was very neglected and mistreated, because of who afraid he was when we adopted him from St. Hubert’s. Dempsey has learned to trust us and now is comfortable exploring the house, going outside, and playing in the yard.
I also have a 6 year old rescue cat named Mistletoe. She’s clever, sweet and loves to snuggle.
I’m also very very proud to be a mom to an adorable young daughter.
I’m looking very much forward to meet your furry family!